Online Lifestyle, Nutrition and Training

Online Lifestyle, Nutrition and Training


Picture this: virtual workouts packed with exciting challenges, interactive exercises, and personalised coaching—right at your fingertips! From the comfort of your own home, embark on a fitness adventure that leaves you feeling motivated, accomplished, and craving for more.

Our online training isn't just physical, either! When we created our online programs, we wanted to level up your overall well-being. So each program provides not only workouts but the best-in-class nutritional guidance that we are known for! Why go it alone when you go online?! It's time to say goodbye to monotonous in-house routines and hello to a fitness world where fun, engagement, and convenience redefine your fitness journey.

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Membership Includes

A safe & fun filled environment

Become part of a community where you are not treated as a number. You are treated as family and have the support of not only the coaches but all our members within the FAF community.

Membership portal

Access to our comprehensive portal with dozens of educational videos teaching you how to improve your lifestyle, nutrition and training.

Nutrition coaching

You will be provided with a customised, sustainable and more importantly enjoyable nutrition plan to get you to your goal. Macro target options also available.

Weekly check in’s

Remain accountable and be contacted by your coach every week to ensure you are staying on track on your path to success.

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