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Our vision at Functional AF, is to provide an ongoing educational experience that is specially designed to promote better health and functional movement, individualised to one person but in a personal or group environment. Our goal is to ensure that every member who joins our community has their life improved in some way.

We focus on the 3 key fundamentals to guarantee your success.

  • Lifestyle - Focusing on stress management, improved sleep, more energy & better health
  • Nutrition - Enjoyable nutrition plans, that build your knowledge & remove the feeling of guilt
  • Training - Sustainable & achievable training programs that become a part of your new lifestyle
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The reason why Functional AF was created is because we want to see you succeed, we want you to reach your goals that you have wanted for so long and we want you to enjoy the process. We want you to learn about your body and identify who and what you are. Our goal is to be with you every step of the way and provide you with the following.

Expectations you will get from us:

  • A professional level of service
  • Technical coaching on training and nutrition
  • Building your knowledge to take away for your entire future
  • Supporting you to your specific goal
  • Keeping you accountable and on track & most of all have fun
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Meet the coaches of the FUNCTIONAL AF Movement

Frequently Asked questions

Do I need to be a certain fitness level to join?

All levels of fitness are welcome. Our coaches are very experienced in adapting programs for all abilities, experiences and even injuries or conditions.

I have never trained before, is that ok?

Absolutely, our highly qualified and experienced coaches cater for all abilities. We get you started by reviewing your movement then developing a plan to build strength and mobility

What are the session times?

We have sessions ranging from 5.30am to 11am Monday to Friday during the morning as well as afternoon sessions from 4.30pm through to 6.30pm Monday to Thursday

How long are the sessions?

Our Personal training sessions sessions are 45 minutes long and we program our online sessions to be between 30 to 60 minutes long depending on your goal and availability

Are there any contracts?

Our memberships vary depending on the program you start on. We have 12 week programs, 6 month and 12 month programs. Our normal memberships have a minimum term of 3 months as we know that it takes time to achieve amazing results for our members.

Do I pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly?

We have weekly direct debit memberships as well as paid up front options.

What If I’m away travelling, can I pause my membership?

Absolutely, all of our members have up to 4 weeks of free suspension a year and additional time if it's medically related.

What’s the process if I need to cancel?

We have a 30 day cancellation policy after your minimum term, depending on which membership or program you signed up on.